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Our backgrounds have a combined total of more than 12 years of training and consulting expertise.

We have worked in Algeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritania, Nigeria, Egypt, Bahrain, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan, among other countries. After years of experience in various fields, we've decided to provide consultancy services to these areas.

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Why do you need to select us as your business partner?
We understand that

completing a project requires more than a strategy; it need people and someone to manage that plan. These individuals are our most valuable resource.

Our reputation is

built on offering just the best consultants with the best experience and attitudes. This is accomplished through the recommendation and provision of qualified, goal-oriented individuals for our clients' initiatives. Our experts assist in bridging the engineering-operations divide.

We want to be present for the duration of your well's completion. Our drilling and completion consultants assist our clients in achieving excellence by operating safely and effectively. We understand how critical it is to keep costs down when bringing wells online. That is why we take pride in assisting our clients in completing their wells on time and within budget. Consider how our experience and communication skills might help you optimize your operation.