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The supply chain is

an integral part of the Petro International Arabia structure, which provides multiple services to our customers around the world; we are passionate about our service that we provide as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service that we provide.

Professional teams;

qualified to undertake the most challenging and diversified set of tasks in their line of business.

Petro International’s management went on a quest to bond with the leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to obtain joint venture agreements with the region’s leading Oil & Gas sector companies.

Our customer support and account teams provide the best service in the industry/oil and gas sectors. Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety & Environment.

We, at Petro International Arabia
have given safety the highest possible attention.

We realize that it is our responsibility to ensure safety, health, environment protection and the welfare of our staff and our clients’ staff at all times.

At Petro International Arabia, our staff are instructed and trained to strictly abide by all safety precautions and procedures.

Petro International Arabia operations always conducted in a manner

that will protect personnel and ‘property and minimize damage to the environment. Among the aspects, we give special attention to are:

Our supply chain provides an outstanding Services such, general contracting, petroleum services, construction, establishing electricity and internet networks, communications technology industry, Databases Creation, Consulting, multiple and unlimited services Etc.

Petro International Arabia is committed to deliver reliable state-of-the-art services to its clients. Its professional approach qualifies it to continue conquering new markets and to explore more opportunities.

Petro International Arabia believes in investing generously in human resources, adhering to high quality standards and adopting a continuous quest for excellence.