Training Courses

Training Courses
IADC WellSharp

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Awarness Course

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Introductory Course

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Driller Surface Stack Course

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Driller Combined Surface and Subsea Stack Course

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Supervisor Surface stack Course

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Supervisor Subsea stack Course

Wellsharp Drilling Operation Supervisor Combined surface and Subsea stack Course

WellSharp Well Servicing Introductory

WellSharp Well Servicing Wireline Course

WellSharp Well Servicing Coiled Tubing Course

WellSharp Well Servicing Snubbing Course

WellSharp Well Servicing for Oil & Gas Operator Representative Workover & Intervention

WellSharp Well Servicing Workover Course

(Safety Courses)

Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer

Confined Space Train the Trainer

Crane operator train the trainer

Defensive Driving Train the Trainer

Dropped Objects Prevention Train the Trainer

First Aid, AED and CPR Train the Trainer

Forklift Operations and Safety Train the Trainer

Gas Tester Train the Trainer

H2S and SCBA Safety Train the Trainer

Hazard Communication Train the Trainer

Hazard Recognition Train the Trainer

Lockout/Tagout Train the Trainer

Manual Handling Train the Trainer

Permit to Work Train the Trainer

Respiratory Protection Train the Trainer

Rigging and Lifting Train the Trainer

Spill Prevention Train the Trainer

Train the trainer

Basic Safe Chemical Handling

Confined Space

Defensive Driving - Heavy Vehicles

Defensive Driving - Light Vehicles

Drop Object Prevention

Fall Protection & Working at Heights

Fire Safety

Fire Warden/Marshal Safety Course

First Aid

Gas Tester

H2S Awareness

Hazard Communication

Hazard Recognition


Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Root cause Analysis

Safe Loading and Unloading

Safe Welding, Cutting and Brazing

Scaffolding Safety, Erection and Dismantling

Working at Height and Fall Protection

(Technical Courses)

Advanced Mud School

Basic Mud School

Coiled Tubing Engineering

Coiled Tubing Operations

Environmental Pollution and Control

Introduction for Oil & Gas Industry

Rig Equipment Inspection

SlickLine Operations

Stuck Pipe Prevention

Advanced of Coiled Tubing Operations

Advanced Well Completion and Work over Technologies

Artificial Lift Systems and Technology

Coiled Tubing Technical and Advanced Technology

Completion and Workover

Fishing, Perforating and Other Slickline Application  

Flow Assurance (Theory, Problems & Treatments)

Fundamental of Coiled Tubing Operations

Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and Stimulation

Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

Nitrogen Maintenance and Operations

Stimulations and Matrix Acidizing

Well Intervention (Well Completion, Wireline and Coiled Tubing Operations)

Well Services Slickline Operation

Well Stimulation Techniques

Well Stimulation: Practical and Applied

IADC RigPass

IADC RigPass (Safety Orientation off Shore)

IADC RigPass (Safety Orientation on Shore)

IADC RigPass (Safety Orientation on Shore and Off Shore)

IWCF (Well Control)

IWCF Well control Drilling Operations Level 2

IWCF Well Control Drilling Operations Level 3 & 4 Surface Stake

IWCF Well Control Drilling Operations Level 3 & 4 Surface and Subsea Stake

IWCF Pressure Control Well intervention Level 2

IWCF Pressure Control Well intervention Level 3&4 Surface Stack


IOSH Working Safely

IOSH Managing Safely


132-hour Occupational Safety and Health Professional

48-hour Occupational Safety and Health - Manager

44-hour Occupational Safety and Health - Specialist

36-hour Occupational Safety and Health - Supervisor

36-hour Safety Committee - Chair

36-hour Occupational Safety and Health Trainer - (Train-the-Trainer)

32-hour Safety Committee - Member

30-hour General Industry - Safety and Health

20-hour Scaffold Inspector

11-hour Tattoo and Body Art Employee Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Housekeeping Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Sonography Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Emergency Department Safety

10-hour Employee Occupational Safety and Health

10-hour General Industry - Housekeeping

10-hour General Industry - Restaurant Safety

10-hour General Industry - Warehouse Safety

10-hour General Industry - Safety and Health

192-hour Construction Safety and Health Professional

162-hour Construction Safety and Health - Manager

145-hour Construction Site Safety - Supervisor

130-hour Construction Safety and Health - Specialist

47-hour Construction Safety and Health - Train-the-Trainer

30-hour Construction - Safety and Health

10-hour Construction - Safety and Health

233-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health Professional

192-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health - Manager

164-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health - Supervisor

155-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health - Specialist

70-hour Oil and Gas Safety and Health - Train-the-Trainer

20-hour Healthcare - Administration Safety

15-hour Healthcare - Hospital Safety Specialist

15-hour Healthcare - Laboratory Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Radiology Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Pharmacy Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Central Supply Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Laundry Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Hospital ICU Safety

10-hour Healthcare - Physical Therapy Safety


105 Hazard Communication - Basic

107 Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans

108 Personal Protective Equipment - Basic

112 Introduction to Safety Supervision

113 Introduction to Safety Leadership

114 Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection

115 Electrical Safety for Employees - Basic

116 Introduction to Safety Accountability Programs

117 Introduction to Safety Recognition Programs

119 Driver Safety

121 Introduction to Safety Training

122 Introduction to Hazard Controls

123 Introduction to Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

138 Workplace Hygiene and Illness Prevention

139 Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting

141-001 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety

144 Introduction to OSHA

150 Physical Health Hazards in Construction

151 Biological Health Hazards in Construction

152 Ergonomic Hazards in Construction

153 Ergonomic Hazards in general Industry

154 Machine Safeguarding - Basic

155 Welding Safety - Basic

156 Forklift Safety - Basic

157 Excavation Safety - Basic

158 Crane Safety - Basic

159 Hearing Protection - Basic

160 Tool Safety - Basic

161 Industrial Hygiene - Basic

161-001 Process Safety Management (PSM)

162 Accident Investigation - Basic

170 Healthcare - Latex Allergy

171 Healthcare - Hazardous Chemicals

172 Healthcare - Glutaraldehyde Safety

173 Healthcare - Mercury Safety

174 Healthcare - Fire Safety

175 Healthcare - Biological Hazards

176 Healthcare - Workplace Stress and Violence

177 Healthcare - Electrical Safety

178 Healthcare - Personal Protective Equipment

179 Healthcare - Introduction to Common Hospital Hazards

180 Healthcare - Hospital Helipad Safety

181 Healthcare - Sharps Safety

182 Healthcare - Ethylene Oxide Safety

183 Healthcare - Radiation Safety

184 Healthcare - Asbestos Safety

570 School Safety - Athletics Supervision

571 School Safety - Exterior Facilities

575 School Safety - Crisis Planning

600 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health

601 Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health

602 Heat and Cold Stress Safety

603 Stairway and Ladder Safety

604 Scaffold Safety

605 Confined Space Safety

606 Hazard Communication for the Employee

607 Tattoo and Body Art Safety

608 Dental Office Safety

609 Health Hazards in Nail Salons

610 Housekeeping Safety

611 Nail Gun Safety

612 Work Zone Traffic Safety

613 Worker Safety in Restaurants

614 Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment

615 Electrical Safety - Hazards and Controls

617 Managing Safety and Health - General Industry

618 Managing Safety and Health - Construction

619 Materials Handling Safety

621 Controlling Hazardous Energy - (Lockout/Tagout)

623 Healthcare - Preventing Ergonomic Injuries

624 Healthcare - Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

625 HIPAA Privacy Training

628 Healthcare - Sonography Safety

629 Planning for Workplace Emergencies

630 Healthcare - Pharmacy Safety

631 Healthcare - Surgical Suite Safety

633 Healthcare - Hospital Emergency Room Safety

638 Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

639 Operating Schools During COVID-19 - CDC Guidelines

643 Developing a COVID Prevention Program

644 Understanding OSHA

654 Lead Safety in General Industry

655 Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace

656 Bloodborne Pathogens in the Healthcare Setting

700 Introduction to Safety Management

701 Effective Safety Committee Operations

702 Effective Accident Investigation

703 Introduction to OSH Training

704 Hazard Analysis and Control

705 Hazard Communication Program

706 Job Hazard Analysis

707 Effective Safety Committee Meetings

708 OSHA Recordkeeping Basics

709 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

710 Energy Control Program - (Lockout/Tagout)

711 Introduction to Ergonomics

712 Safety Supervision and Leadership

713 Confined Space Program

714 Fall Protection Program

715 Electrical safety For Technicians & Supervisors

716 Safety Management System Evaluation

717 Emergency Action Plans

718 Fire Prevention Plans

719 Fleet Safety Management

720 Preventing Workplace Violence

721 Developing OSH Training

722 Ergonomics Program Management

723 Conducting OSH Training

725 Powered Industrial Truck Safety

726 Introduction to Machine Guarding

736 Introduction to Process Safety Management (PSM)

738 Workplace Hygiene and Illness Prevention - Program Management

744 Working with OSHA

745 Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Safety

750 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

751 Hearing Conservation - Program Management

755 Bloodborne Pathogens - Program Management

756 Respiratory Protection

757 Laboratory Safety

765 Managing Workplace Stress

772 Introduction to Safe Patient Handling

773 Preventing MSDs - in Healthcare

774 Safe Patient Handing Program

776 Preventing Workplace Violence - in Healthcare

790 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

800 Introduction to Construction Safety Management

802 Trench and Excavation Safety

803 Scaffold Safety Program (SSP)

804 Safe Scaffold Erection and Inspection

805 Fall Protection in Construction - Elements for Construction CFR 1926.500-503

806 Focus Four - Fall Hazards

807 Focus Four - Caught-In or -Between Hazards

808 Focus Four - Struck-by Hazards

809 Focus Four - Electrocution Hazards

810 Hand and Power Tool Safety

812 OSHA Focus Four Hazards

813 Construction Worksite Safety

814 Heavy Equipment Safety

815 Demolition Safety

816 Confined Spaces in Construction

817 Steel Erection Safety

820 Cranes and Derricks in Construction |

821 Cranes and Derricks in Construction II

833 Developing a Construction Safety Management System

850 Health Hazards in Construction

851 Silica Dust Safety in Construction

852 Asbestos Safety

854 Lead Safety in Construction

894 Lead Safety in Shipyards

895 Deck Barge Safety

900 Oil and Gas Safety Management

901 Oil and Gas Hazard Awareness

902 Well Site Preparation and Drilling Safety

903 Well Site Completion and Servicing Safety

904 Oil and Gas Well Inspection

906 Oil Spill Cleanup

907 Introduction to SEMS Ii - 30 CFR 250.1900-1933

908 Offshore Oil and Gas Safety I

909 Offshore Oil and Gas Safety II


NASP 10 Hour - Construction

NASP 10 Hour - General Industry

NASP 30 Hour – Construction

NASP 30 Hour - General Industry

Arc Flash Protection

Back Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens

Changing Safety Behavior

Compressed Gas

Confined Space Entry

Egress/Fire Safety

Electrical Safety


Hazard Communication

Hazardous Materials

HAZWOPER Awareness

Lockout Tagout

Machine Guarding

Occupational Safety and Health Advanced Diploma

Occupational Safety and Health Basic Diploma

Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor Diploma

OSHA Inspections and Penalties

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Record Keeping

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Walk/Work Surfaces


Working at Heights

Workplace Violence Prevention


Level II Award in First Aid at Work

Level III Award in First Aid at Work

Level III Award in Pediatric First Aid

Level II Award in Environmental Principles & Best Practices

Level III Award in Environmental Management

Certified Master Trainer

Level I Award in Fire Safety Awareness

Level II Award in Fire Safety Principles

Level III Award in Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Control

Accident Investigation

Level II Award in COSHH

Level II Award in Health & Safety at Work Place

Level II Award in Manual Handling - Principles and Practices

Level II Award in Risk Assessment

Level III Award in Emergency Rescue from Confined Space

Level III Award in Health & Safety at Work Place

Level III Award in Risk Assessment

Level IV Award in Health & Safety at Work Place

Manual Handling Train The Trainer

Safety Analysis

Stress Management

Level II Award in Food Safety (Catering, Manufacturing and Retail)

Level II Award in Principles of HACCP

Level II Award in HACCP based Food Safety System in Manufacturing

Level III Award in Food Safety Supervision (Catering, Manufacturing and Retail)

Level IV Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering

Level IV Award in Food Safety Management for Manufacturing


Lifting and Slinging Standards Worldwide

Rigger 1

Rigger 2


Highfield Level 1 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering

Highfield Level 2 Award in HACCP for Catering

Highfield Level 2 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

Highfield Level 2 International Award in Emergency First Aid at Work

Highfield Level 2 International Award in Fire Safety

Highfield Level 2 International Award in Risk Assessment

Highfield Level 3 Award in Food Safety for Catering

Highfield Level 3 Award in HACCP for Caterers

Highfield Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment

Highfield Level 3 International Award in First Aid at Work and the Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator

Highfield Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering

Highfield Level 4 International Award in Managing HACCP for Catering


Basic First Aid

Advanced First Aid, CPR, AED

Emergency Medical Responder

Healthcare Provider CPR & AED

3D Reservoir Modeling

Advanced Petro physics and Formation Evaluation

Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Advanced Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing & QC

Advanced Sequence Stratigraphy

Advanced Structure Geology

Applied Techniques in Sedimentology

Basic Petroleum Geology

Basic Reservoir Engineering

Basic Seismic Exploration

Basic Well Logging

Basic Well Test Design and Analysis

Basics of Petro physics

Basics Structure Geology

Basin Analysis

Bid Round & Prospect Evaluation

Cased Hole & Production Logging

Cased Hole & Production Logging

Casing Designed & Cementing

Deepwater Well Engineering

Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling

Drill String and Bha Design

Drilling Practices

Formation Pore Pressure Estimation

Gas Measurements

Geomechanics for Drilling

Hydraulics and Optimization Of Drilling Parameters Course

IADC Dit Introduction for Oil & Gas Industry

IADC Dit Stuck Pipe Prevention

Integration of Petro physics and Core Analysis

Logging While Drilling Tools and Theory

LWD Basic Well Logging & Interpretation

Managing Wellsite Operation

Mud Logging Courses

New Resistivity Technology Tools & Thin Bed Analysis

Oil Treatment

Organic Geochemistry


Petro physics Of Unconventional Reservoirs

Petroleum Reservoir Evaluation

Petroleum Reservoir Management

Petroleum Subsurface Geology

Prospect & Play Assessment

Reservoir Characterization (Clastics & Carbonate)

Reservoir Fluid Properties and Eos

Rock Mechanics

Sedimentary Basins

Seismic Attributes, AVO &Inversion

Seismic Imaging of Subsurface Geology

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy Interpretation & Workshop

Seismic Survey

Seismic Velocity Imaging

Shaly Sand Petro physics

Subsurface Structural Mapping

Well Hydraulic & Mud Rheology

Wellsite Geology

Witnessing Wireline Operations

IADC DIT Basic Mud School

IADC DIT Advanced Mud School

Introduction to Drilling Fluids

Introduction to Drilling and Well Operation

Advanced Drilling Fluids

Advanced Completion Fluids

Solid Control Systems